Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

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The world of digital marketing is very competitive. It is very difficult to predict which way digital marketing will be headed with the intense competition.

Since the emergence of Covid-19 that affected the global economy, we have seen many different trends in digital marketing. Some have been proved successful, and some new trends are emerging.

So what new digital marketing trends will we see in this new year of 2022? It will surely help if you know and prepare before time. So here are the top digital marketing trends that may become big in 2022.

Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

Trends can develop over a few days and diminish within an hour. This is the scary part about trends. However, the following trends are not that unstable. We believe they are here to stay and dominate the digital marketing sector.

Prioritizing the Email Marketing Channel

Almost all digital marketing experts will agree on one thing. Email marketing will dominate the market. Email marketing has many features that other media of marketing cannot offer. Personalizing marketing content, automating the process, and maintaining privacy- these are the three qualities of email marketing that have made it to the top and will continue to dominate the market.

There are conflicts that social media like FaceBook and Instagram will dominate email marketing. But email marketing continues to prove its effectiveness and efficiency over other mediums. So every business should consider email marketing as their main digital marketing channel in 2022.

Creating Membership Programs

Creating membership programs will be a big trend in digital marketing. In recent years, it has already shown effectiveness as some businesses have changed their loyalty program to membership programs.

Why is a membership program more effective than a loyalty program? Because it sounds more friendly towards the customers. Being a member of a community is deeply infused in human nature. That is what drives humans to live in society and grow.

But the loyalty program does not have the same ring to it. Though there isn’t much difference between the two but their name, people will crave membership programs rather than loyalty programs.

Utilizing Data Science for Foresight

The trend of utilizing data science in digital marketing is not new. It has been an ongoing trend for a few years recently. But the trend is so effective that it has made its way in 2022, and it will continue to be a thing.

Data science allows your business to forecast what your customer demands from you, and you can prepare for that in advance. This eliminates the need to wait for customer reviews and feedback.

Customer reviews and feedback will continue being effective, but it is slower than forecasting. So to keep up with the fast-paced digital market, use data science for forecasting customer demands.

Video Contents for Promotion

We all know how effective video content is for promotion. Rather than showing a still image of a product, video content can represent the product from all directions. It can also demonstrate the use of the product.

The trend of video promotion will get stronger for the implementation of 5G networks. Because of 5G, video streaming will be faster and affordable from anywhere. So companies will take on this opportunity to promote video advertisements without any barriers.

We have already seen that in effect in 2021. Facebook, Youtube promote video advertisements between their contents. So you can bet that videos will be the next cornerstone of advertisement in digital marketing.

Leverage Persuasive Storytelling in promotions

One of the most overlooked trends in digital marketing is persuasive storytelling. Most companies’ promotional contents tell a story about themselves. That is why their promotion performs poorly in the digital market.

But some companies have adopted their promotional content into persuasive storytelling. They promote how their product will come into use for their customers. Thus the customers can relate deeply with the products and sales take off.

So to mimic their success, you should look forward to the trend of persuasive storytelling. Combine that with the trend of video promotion, and your business will dominate the digital market.

Less SEO, More UI

For many years, digital marketers have been focusing on SEO(Search Engine Optimization). There is nothing wrong with it. The higher the SEO, the more traffic an e-commerce page will get.

With this logic in mind, many businesses have utilized many tricks and hacks for SEO. But now, that trend is getting weak.

SEO is not the only thing to pay attention to in digital marketing. You will need to pay attention to the user’s experience while browsing your webpage. It can be improved by improving the UI (User Interface) of the webpage. This is becoming a new trend these days.

Businesses are now focusing on improving their UI more than increasing their SEO ranking.

A good UI can also increase customer retention. So this trend of enhancing UI can result in multiple outcomes.

Getting involved in the Metaverse

Last year Mark Zuckerberg introduced the Metaverse. It is a virtual world for everyone. The Metaverse provides virtual and augmented experiences.

This has created new grounds for businesses. Although the future of the Metaverse is not fully certain, it can be a good place to put some marketing effort.

Businesses should get involved in the Metaverse and use their digital marketing strategies to dominate the market there. Who knows, Metaverse can be the next big market.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has been a popular trend in digital marketing. We can safely say that it will still be a big trend in 2022.

Influencer marketing can make your promotional efforts much more effective. The influencer can promote the product in a way that their viewers can relate to. This will make a good persuasive storytelling effort, and sales will take off.

Getting involved in CSR activities

The global economy has taken some serious punches from covid-19. Although it is slowly recovering, it is still a good time to make a name for your business by helping.

We have all seen the positive impression a business creates by getting involved in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) and non-profit activities. You can do the same for your business too.

Get involved in non-profit activities around the area of your target customers(geo-graphic). This will surely attract attention and create a positive impression of your business.

Direct Mail (Postal Services)

Direct mail: sending physical letters via local/global postal services. Yes, we are talking about that direct mail. But why would that be a trend?

Sometimes you have to do things differently. Now all digital marketers are thinking of prioritizing email marketing. Thus that channel is filled with marketing efforts from thousands of e-commerce companies.

So if you send an email to your leads, there is a high chance it will be lost in their inbox. It is inevitable.

But in direct mail, that cannot happen. We are not telling you to do direct mail regularly. Just do it occasionally in selected areas. This will surely surprise them and catch their attention.

Whether this trend will live on or not is difficult to tell. But we can say that email marketing will remain dominant.


So these are the top trends all digital marketers may look forward to in 2022. However, different business sectors have different digital marketing trends. So make sure to research your business sector before investing in any digital marketing trends.

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