6 Top Digital Marketing Trends to look forward in 2020

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As innovation saturates the world generally, so do digital marketing trends change annually; so digital marketers must adapt to the varied approach towards the market with time.

To stay ahead of the competition, digital marketers must understand the development in the market; and how best to grow their business over time.

However, to successfully make it through subsequent development in the evolving market, digital marketers must understand the past and present trends. This is to enhance awareness of the emerging technological changes and growing trends, for maximum productivity and effectiveness.

In the world today, especially in the last few years; the digital marketing cycle has welcomed the rising presence of augmented reality, chatbot, voice search, and so much more in the industry.

It is essential to know what trends are in use now and what to expect in the nearest feature as a digital marketer. So below is a concise review of the 5 top digital marketing trends in 2020.

Increased Presence of ChatBot in Digital Marketing

Chatbots have been available and in use for some time now. But the flexibility and effectiveness of this medium have introduced it into the digital marketing system. According to research, 45% of users prefer to communicate with chatbots than real humans; concerning customer care services.

This might be because of the vital role it plays in the customer service experience. Most end-users would prefer the help of a robot integrated into a website or platform to assist them in solving their encountered problems because of the swift response and efficiency.

With little effort, marketers can vividly engage their target audience; as well as give maximum support to their clients at any time they need assistance.

And this makes the use of chatbots more convenient and practical; for engagement and conversion rate.

A report from Grand View indicates that the global chatbot market will increase to a 24.3% annual rate and will be worth over $1.2 billion by 2025. So it is best to embrace the increasing leverage on a chatbot for your digital marketing services.

Rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Similarly, the growth of AI in the business sector has been overwhelming of late. Today, AI can help in tracking your real-time market behavior; though it might not be guaranteed if this is legal generally.

It is still essential to leverage this to know how your target market reacts to your product, as well as that of your competitions.

AI has currently paid a very massive role in the automated relationship between customers and business; also, it has so far enhanced branding and personalization of services.

The Power of Quality Content

Presently, content is the most important factor when it comes to digital marketing. To encourage audience engagement and further increase conversion rate, you need compelling and intriguing content.

It is essential to communicate with your customers in a way that you convey their thoughts, talk to their emotions, or inspire them to take action.

Whether it is written or video content; you need to present the material in a way that communicates thoughts to their audience. And in turn, this will further enhance trust and build a formidable customer relationship.

However, the present digital marketing trends encourages that marketer should first understand their audience, to know the best content to focus on that would give the best conversion rate.

Email Marketing and its Conversion Capacity

In recent times, Email Marketing has become immensely more convenient for you. It is now easier to track and focus on mainly active subscribers while sending a marketing email or newsletter.

With the present trend, your active subscribers would continuously get emails from you, to keep them abreast of the current updates in your business. However, if a particular subscriber chooses not to open your emails over a certain period; your provider would automatically stop sending them emails.

Hence, before you can delegate an email to a particular target audience, you would have to specify the audience demographic behavior.

However, if your email provider does not allow for audience specification, you can join other marketing tools that will enable you to segment your emails. Once you can adequately specify

The advent of Voice search is one digital marketing trend that has the power to radicalize the digital market industry with time. As stipulated by Comscore, 50% of all queries and customer care reports would be voice-based by 2020. Voice search is a very intelligent approach to technology in business.

Voice search can be categorized into two basic types: The direct voice search embedded in smart speakers and those installed on computers and Smartphones.

Examples of those embedded in smart speakers are Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa, and Microsoft’s Cortana, and these give immediate voice responses when asked a precise question.

Example of those embedded on Smartphones includes Google Assistant (Android) and Siri (iPhones); these give written results when asked voice questions.

However, it has presently enhanced the digital marketing industry with the ability to efficiently reach its target audience with personalized information. With voice search, you can now easily place orders and source vital information online; even in your comfort zone.

Presently, many leading brands make use of voice-based services to deliver their products; because of their effectiveness and low cost. Hence, this is believed to grow in subsequent years.

As the digital marketing trends vary over time, brands and marketers need to tilt to voice search optimization and as well create content that is SEO compliant.

Social Media and Digital Marketing

The presence application of social media into digital marketing is a very ingenious approach. This is because almost 80% of the present world’s population uses social media, and it is the easiest way to reach any group of audiences.

In later years, it is anticipated that more advanced steps would be employed in using social media as a more efficient way medium for digital marketing. This has so far increased productivity and reduced redundancies.

Social Media and Digital Marketing


It is crucial to leverage the digital marketing trends enumerated above to ensure that you make the best out of your business as a digital marketer or business owner.

You can use the help of AI to reach your target audience in the most accessible form. As well as use a more effective Email marketing system to get an increased conversion rate.

However, in subsequent years, we still expect that the use of Chatbots and Voice searches would increase; so it is essential to key into these trends and grow your business.

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