Technologies That Will Shape Marketing Over the Next Decade

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Technology is constantly evolving day by day. It seems like there is always something new, better, and faster coming to the market. Since a lot of technology is used to make our lives easier, devices now are becoming smarter, more efficient, and more compact. As technology evolves, so does marketing. If you don’t keep up with the latest trends, research, and devices, your business is likely to get left behind. Are you curious how these advancements might change how you market your business now? Keep reading on and we’ll tell you the technologies that will shape marketing over the next decade.

The Evolution of Technology and Marketing

If you think about the introduction and evolution of technology over time, you’ll realize that marketing strategies adapt right along with it. For example, in the earlier part of the century ads were mostly found in magazines, newspapers, and later on the radio. As technology continued to develop, ads then moved into television, then the internet, and most recently, social media. Compared to the earlier advancements, the latter have evolved rapidly. That can only lead us to believe that technology will only continue to advance and even faster than before.

That’s why your business must be prepared for new developments. By knowing what’s coming and learning to adapt, you’ll remain relevant and a step ahead of your competition.

Technologies that Will Shape Marketing Over the Next Decade

Here are 3 popular technologies that are already dominating the market. These types of technologies are all predicted to continue growing and play a large part in marketing soon.

1. Virtual Voice Assistants

Virtual Voice Assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home have had steady growth over the years. However, as technology evolves and gets smarter, they are rising even faster in popularity. You can already use these types of devices to order things you need. The exact role it will play in marketing in the future has yet to be seen. Although some anticipate quick ads or recommendations might be an option. Many other companies besides these big two are trying to carve their place out in the virtual voice assistant market.

The best way companies can adapt to this rise is by utilizing marketing consulting or hiring a marketing agency. They can help you develop and evolve your brand or product to be ready for marketing on virtual voice assistants.

2. Extended Reality

Extended reality is an all-encompassing term for the emerging technologies that work to create immersive environments. This currently includes virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality. Marketing will eventually adapt to fit into all of these technologies and some already have. Virtual reality can allow a person to enter a completely computer-generated world. Whereas, augmented reality overlays digital images on top of your current environment. This type of technology is already being used by IKEA, for example. It allows their customers to display furniture and other items in their room using augmented reality on their smartphones.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) technically encompasses the virtual voice assistants we talked about above. However, it’s gone on to expand much more. AI-as-a-service is already being used by many major companies in the form of virtual customer service reps and even in smaller companies through the use of chatbots. Even still, it’s only expected to grow even further as people get used to working alongside AIs and they become more advanced.
Use a Marketing Agency to Get You Prepared

By hiring a marketing agency or using marketing consulting, you help ensure your success for the future. Marketing agencies stay on top of the latest technologies and trends so they are prepared for their clients. They can also assist you in using these popular advancements in technology to your advantage. Don’t let your business be a thing of the past! Use a marketing agency to stay connected to the future.