How to make 360-degree Marketing Promotions Successfully

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To develop Successful 360-degree Marketing Promotions, it is crucial to have a Promotional / Tactical Marketing Plan. In addition to having a Plan, every promotion should have a clear objective, and also these steps should be followed:

  1. Design a Marketing Promotion with an objective that is achievable and reasonable.
  2. Make it 360, use as many communication channels as you can, communication channels go from TV to your Sales Team. Every company, every industry, is different, and some channels work better than others. Some of them are more accessible than others and more prone to be successful.
  3. Financials is a key factor. What will be the cost and the break-even of the promotion, how much do we have to sell? Also, we have to consider co-laterals, a promotion that maybe we break-even might be successful if we gain brand awareness and long-term profits.
  4. Execution: Execution is key, the design of the materials for the different communication channels must keep the same common brand values and identity. Also, timing plays a big role, being able to execute all the communication at the same time, if possible, to maximize the chances of success. A consumer should be able to see a print ad the same day he receives a newsletter about the same promotion.
  5. Results: You have to have a way to measure the promotion to see how successful it is. For example, a coupon, a promo code, etc. Something that you can track later on that is measurable.

Marketing Promotions for SME 360 degree

Turnkey 360 degree promotions
Turnkey 360 Degree promotions

At MKTDIRECTOR we can design Promotional/Tactical Marketing Plans and then execute them. For most of our promotions, we call them 360 degrees because they involve more than one Communication Channel. We call a Marketing Channel any channel that allows us to reach our customer, that not only includes the traditional channels, TV, print, but also Digital, as well as our Sales Team for example.

Every 360-degree Marketing promotion is different, and demands an accurate objective and results measurement. Designing a clear message can be challenging, and we are here to help.

A basic promotion for a small business that involves, for example, a leaflet, a store sign, banners for the website/social media/newsletter, can be as low as $1,000, yes! we did not forget any zeros 🙂

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