Why Outsource Marketing

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Outsourcing your marketing team (partially or completely) is a big decision for any company. Used correctly, it can bring great value by putting your organization in expert hands. Small or medium-sized companies usually cannot afford or are not in the situation of hiring new employees. Outsourcing the marketing to experts can be a strategic move that powers the growth of their business.

Lack of specific expertise

Marketing requires a wide range of expertise: from strategists, auditors, to advertising specialists or e-commerce experts. Sometimes it is better to outsource the expertise when you need it.

Fixed costs

Hiring people and systems to handle the Marketing Department is sometimes the biggest expense in a company’s budget. Businesses today also need to consider the dynamics of the market where they are. Today all the Marketing aspects are changing quickly (Mainly Digital Marketing). Outsourcing the Marketing Department allows businesses to have a variable cost instead of a fixed cost. Therefore, they can be more flexible in which resources they need to have and when.


Outsourcing Marketing allows you to compare your operations with the best practices, the experience that can only be gained by supporting many companies is key for implementing best practices.

Focusing on the brain

Some businesses, hire marketing teams to handle execution activities, like writing content. But this leads them to lose the focus of the brain, the thinkers of the company. People who understand pricing, positioning, promoting of your products, customer relationships, segmentation, etc.

Launching a new brand, product, or entering a new category

A lot of businesses are growing through diversification, and having a variable cost in a riskier project is better than having a fixed cost.

Rapid growth

Do you need to grow faster than you do now? Then you need to partially or fully, outsource your Marketing Department. This will accelerate the launch of new products or distribution channels. This will allow you to do it without hitting your P&L with fixed costs.

Revenue is down

When business revenue is down, one of the first things that are usually cut is Marketing, going to an outsource Marketing model can be the solution.

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