How to create a content strategy that works

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What is Content Marketing? Why Is Content King? How Do You Create a Content Strategy?

Content strategy refers to the management of pretty much any tangible media that you create and own: written, visual, downloadable.

It is the piece of your marketing plan that continuously demonstrates who you are and the expertise you bring to your industry.

Content strategy focuses on the planning, creation, delivery, and governance of content. Content includes not only the words on the page but also the images and multimedia that are used. Ensuring that your have useful and usable content that is well structured, and quickly found is vital to improving the user experience of a website.

Content is king

The phrase “Content is King” has become a mantra in the content marketing world. It sounds so simple, and yet what does it mean? And how can you develop an effective content strategy?

The “content is king” concept emerged as Google’s search engine algorithms matured, blogs with relevant, exiting content achieved notoriety, and companies with high-quality inbound marketing campaigns and an engaging social media presence cultivated true customer loyalty. The bottom line is that high-quality content gets shared. If you want more visibility for your brand, you need high-quality content across multiple content marketing channels. Content is king.

What Content Should You Produce, And Where?

Content is everything you post and publish – Every block post., article, email, video, slight presentation, Linkednin. Interaction and tweet. All of those pieces of content from a picture of what your business is about and why your potential clients might want to work with you.

Content marketing often strikes fear in the hearts and minds of entrepreneurs and sea level executive alike. If you feel some trepidation about your content marketing efforts, you are not alone. These are some common reasons why people are afraid to engage in content marketing fully:

  • It’s overwhelming. There are so many tools to learn and master.
  • It feels like you need to be everywhere at once.
  • You feel “exposed”.
  • Thinking that your content will be of poor quality or contain errors.
  • You worry you will start a block or email marketing campaign and not keep up with it.
  • You feel left behind.

How to create a content strategy and establish effective content marketing activities?

To succeed with your content marketing, the first step is to get strategic. When you create a content strategy, you will have a road map to follow. You will feel far less overwhelmed.

Here are some content strategy tips to help you get on track:

  • Access your current content marketing efforts. What is working? What needs improvement?
  • Identify every type of content your company produce and how often. It is scheduled or sporadic. What would content marketing channels do you like to add to your container strategy?
  • Google a range of topics related to your company’s niche, products and services. What companies show up in those searches? What are they doing well? Do they have a company blog? Is their website content customer focused and easy to navigate? Is there a good lead capture system on their homepage? Have they incorporated video? Is all of the social media in place and visible?
  • Evaluate your customer base. Who are your best customers? What problems do they have? How do you solve them?
  • Create a complete laundry list of problems you solve and the topics you can cover in your content.
  • Lay out an “editorial calendar” with the frequency you want to post or publish social media updates, blogs posts, newsletters, articles, video. press releases and so on.
  • Identify the staff members who will be responsible for each type of content. If your staff lacks the capabilities or time to produce your content, identify which pieces you need to outsource, and who is responsible for talent scouting.
  • Define the voice and personality of your business. What adjectives describe the tone that should carry trough all of your content? Is it serious? Edgy? Light-hearted? Authoritative?
  • Research your keywords. Using a tool as the Google Keyword research tool, finde keyword phrases for your business niche that many people are searching for, and that have a low competition from PPC campaigns. For each piece of content you publish, identify two or three targeted keyword phrases to use, and incorporate them into headings and copy.
  • Put quality control mesures in place. How will you ensure that all of your content is consistently high quality? Do you have editorial oversight in place? Who will proof your blog post, email newsletters, and other content before submission?

It sounds like a lot. But when you create a fine-tuned content strategy and put your strategic content marketing measures in place, it will galvanize your team, shape up your company image, improve your search engine rankings, and dramatically enhance the quality of your content. And these activities will then lead to more engagement with your community, which will bring you more business. Content plays a very big role in any SEO Strategy.

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