The Top 3 Marketing Trends for 2019

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2019 is here and it’s time to start thinking about your marketing plans for this year. That means it’s also time for our 2019 marketing trends predictions!

There are a lot of trends to watch for in 2019 but we’ve whittled it down to our Top 3. Check out our list below for three great ways to super-charge your marketing strategy in 2019.

1. Your Content Needs to be Social

It’s no surprise that advertising and optimizing your content for social media is going to be one of the marketing trends in 2019. Some seasoned veterans might even argue it’s a trend that’s been a part of all marketing team discussions for the past few years.

So, what’s the big difference in 2019?

Your team has to have an expert on all things Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest in its ranks. You may have been primarily focused on website SEO for the past few years but it’s becoming increasingly important, especially with increasing amounts of mobile users, that your marketing team is aware of how to use social media to drive SEO as well.

Another key feature of this particular marketing trend is its ability to capture the attention of Generation Z. No one would be shocked to find out that Gen Z are consumers of incredible amounts of social media content and as one of the largest up-and-coming consumer groups, it would be wise to take heed to their habits. By capturing Gen Z through socially minded messaging and content, you’ll be able to capture a consumer audience that is mostly untapped by marketing teams.

Social media marketing isn’t going away any time soon and as Gen Z takes the reigns as the next target audience for our products, services, and content, you won’t want to miss this trend in 2019.

2. Specify your Audience and Solve Their Problems

It’s time to start focusing on selling solutions to your potential customers instead of marketing your products or services. In 2019 it’s going to be imperative that you start optimizing your content to be found by specific target audiences instead of merely “casting a wide net” and hoping that it sticks with some of them. When you create meaningful messaging that targets the folks that can have their problems solved by your product or service, you’re bound to bring in more dedicated and long-term customers.

Once you’ve identified the problem you are solving and your target audience it’s time to optimize, optimize, optimize! You have to focus on a certain demographic to solve their problems. It will be easier for your team to bring in the traffic and clients necessary to help your business grow.

Questions to ask in 2019:

  • What problem are we trying to solve for consumers?
  • Who needs that problem solved?
  • How do we reach them with strategic use of SEO?

3. The Experts Agree: Visuals are Everything

All the major search engines can do it, so if your marketing plan doesn’t include creating image-rich content that appears in reverse image searches, you’ll miss the boat for one of 2019’s biggest trends: searching with images.

It’s no surprise that web searchers are spending more time searching visually than in the past years. Corporations like Target have been using the tactic for years with their Cartwheel app which allows users to point and click at products in the store to find current coupons and deals.

Focusing on increasing your traffic using image searches is also a great way to plan beyond this 2019 trend. If you are in the business of selling solutions (trend number two) then what better way to do it than through visual searches on Google or Bing? With a touch of SEO magic, this could be a likely scenario in 2019 and beyond:

A potential customer has a leaky kitchen pipe and you sell a product that fixes leaky pipes. They’ll snap an image of it, plug that image into Google to find a solution and, … voilà!… Your product advertisement appears before their eyes!

This is a great way to provide solutions to potential customers. It will also help you define and target a more specific audience for your product or content.

Marketing trends 2019

Happy New Year!

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