Social media: Key strategies for Miami real estate

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Social media has been playing a critical role in real estate investment. As a result, digital marketing service Miami providers have been on the rise and it has become almost necessary for every investor to consult one. This is because their reputation in employing key Miami social media strategies to get any real investor ahead actually precedes them.

There are so many advantages that come with consulting the best digital marketing service in Miami. You will be relieved from the workload and complexity that comes with digital marketing. On top of that, the reputation that comes with the success will also make you distinct from the masses and land you more deals in the future. Here are a few social media strategies that can help lift an ordinary real estate investor to a stellar profit-maker:

Understand why you are doing it in the first place

Even when using social media for real estate, most real estate investors are unsuccessful because they do not even understand why they are doing it. Your primary goal should be to create numerous leads and conversions by coming up with attainable short-term goals. You could break it down this way:

  • Get 2000 retweets by the end of this month
  • Use Facebook ads and Instagram promote features to boost ebook downloads
  • Increase next month’s traffic from Twitter to landing page by 50%

Choosing the social media platforms that matter

It is important to evaluate the benefits and the costs associated with each social media platform. Digital marketing service Miami providers can help you weigh in all the factors to determine the most appropriate platforms to use for your real estate business.

After deciding the platforms, they will guide you on how to create fruit-bearing business accounts on each network. The following key points are kept in mind when creating the accounts for you:

Content information

The goal of your select platforms should be to get people to reach out to you directly. The contact information including your phone number and email address must be displayed clearly on the social media account.

The pitch

When it comes to real estate, how you pitch your business does it all. The best digital marketing service Miami will help you come up with a high-ranking pitch that communicates the unique services offered by your business.


Links make it easier for people to access your other social media platforms as well as your business website.

The blog section

When used the right way, the blog section can help bring more people to your landing page. Digital marketing service providers Miami will help you seek high-quality content for your blog section. After that, they will install tools on your website that automatically post this content on your social media.

Evaluating the results

It would be senseless to use social media for real estate if you do not know how to track, measure, and evaluate the results. Forming a perfect strategy and evaluating your results helps you determine what your audience dislikes and then make the appropriate changes thereafter. The following can be used to determine your followers’ liking for the social media content:

  • The number of likes and comments each post gets
  • The number of followers you have
  • How many re-shares do you get for your content

If you need help with social media, please let us know!