Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas To Stand Out & Boost Sales

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Global businesses, particularly those focusing on the American market, have much to gain from November. There will be purchases, and you’ll need the plan to capitalize on them on Thanksgiving. Black Friday and Cyber Monday, two days devoted to shopping, will soon follow Thanksgiving. To capitalize on this spending, you need a Thanksgiving marketing strategy.

Even while everyone else is spending money, this does not mean you can relax and watch the money come in without doing anything. There are a lot of other competitors. Companies operating in every sector are pulling out all the stops to differentiate themselves from competitors and attract the customers they want.

During the five-day holiday shopping season in 2021, beginning on Thanksgiving Day and continuing through Cyber Monday, almost 180 million people in the United States shopped either in physical stores or online. More than that, nearly 49% of them shopped during early Christmas discounts. Clothing and accessories accounted for 51% of all purchases made over the Thanksgiving weekend of the previous year. This was followed by toys (32%), gift cards (28%), media (movies, music, video games, books), electronics (24%), and other items (27%).

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At this time of year, the level of competition is at its highest, making it very challenging for smaller firms to get their names out there. However, there is no need to be concerned since we have compiled a list of tasty marketing ideas to ensure you can communicate with your target audience and provide them with amazing Thanksgiving deals.

We are well aware of how busy you are at this time of year; thus, for those who are in a hurry, the following is a condensed version of the marketing ideas for Thanksgiving.

  1. Don’t forget to send out your traditional Thanksgiving email newsletter!

You may wish your consumers a good holiday and remind them of upcoming sales by sending them an email template decorated with a Thanksgiving theme. Mention Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday in your email, and promote any special offers or promotions that will be available in-store or online that you have planned. In addition, if you currently send out newsletters, now is the time to give them a Thanksgiving-inspired spin.

Email newsletters are one of the most useful Thanksgiving marketing ideas that may help you remain in contact with your consumers and educate them about your deal. If you’re looking for ways to promote your business this holiday season, consider using some creative ideas. Even though the newsletters only allow for a one-way connection with your consumers, they are still quite valuable as marketing tools since they may help keep your customers interested in what you have to say. There is a good chance that people will choose your brand when shopping during the Thanksgiving sale, so doing this might be pretty profitable.

You may encourage clients to enter your online or even physical business by sending them an engaging email newsletter. This can be done either offline or online. In the most basic sense, newsletters may assist you in immediately driving conversions.

So, how exactly does one go about crafting the ideal Email newsletter?

To build an engaging holiday season email newsletter, you need to go beyond just utilizing holiday theme layouts and a greeting.

If recipients do not open your email, they will not be exposed to the material you have developed. Consequently, it is essential to concoct a compelling subject line that persuades them to open your email. In addition, the fact that just 21 percent of emails are opened on average highlights the significance of this aspect. A strong subject line may assist increase the percentage of emails that are opened. You may generate one by using one of the several headline analyzer tools available on the market.

  1. Make an Offer of a loyalty discount.

Keep in mind the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Everyone has someone in their life to whom they owe thanks, but in the context of a company that sells directly to consumers, the people to whom you owe the most outstanding debt of gratitude are your clients. Your devoted clients are the ones who make it possible for you to be successful in what you do, and expressing gratitude to them is not only the right thing to do but also beneficial to the health of your company.

This Thanksgiving, show your consumers how much you appreciate them by sending them a tailored email that contains pertinent suggestions based on their previous purchases. The email may include a loyalty discount, a special gift card, or a giveaway in honor of the holiday season. If you use this strategy, you will not only be able to retain your clients loyal to your brand, but you will also be able to secure a place in their memories for the time when they begin to think about the Christmas shopping they want to do.

  1. Host a contest on your social media page.

Entice your audience’s competitive spirit to increase their interest. We suggest you promote it on social media to reach a wider audience. You may host several holiday-themed competitions and challenges; the key is choosing one most likely to appeal to your audience. Remember that this clever approach increases social media engagement, company exposure, and potential leads. You may have a picture caption contest using an industry-appropriate meme, have them submit their holiday-themed videos or images, or do anything else that fits your brand and the season.

Participants may be rewarded in several ways, including cash prizes, free merchandise, and the chance to be featured on your channels. Give away one of your (minor) items or a gift card for your service to gauge whether you’re reaching the proper people.

  1. Launch a media blitz (Hashtag it out)

Take advantage of the trending #hashtag to interact with your social media audience. Have your social media followers submit their fondest Thanksgiving memory (#thanksgivingthoughts), their top three things they’re grateful for this year (#givethanks), their funniest Thanksgiving mishap (#thxbutnothx), or anything else you can think of! 

  1. Send gratitude letters.

Including a handwritten thank-you letter in the packing may help you connect with clients more personally, mainly if you sell online. Since you probably won’t ever get to meet or interact with these customers in person, a handwritten card is a great way to express your gratitude for their patronage. If you have too many clients (lucky you!) to write individual notes to everyone, type out a generic message and sign your name.

Set yourself apart this Thanksgiving, 

During the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, there are several business opportunities. The Thanksgiving marketing ideas we’ve been going through so far may be of assistance to you in making the most of this holiday weekend by maximizing your time off.

Many different things can be done to assist your company in attracting clients and driving up sales. These include initiating early offers in October, holding festival freebies and challenges, and more. Ensure you have covered all your bases to prepare for the holiday rush, including your website, social media accounts, and email marketing.


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